It all started with a dream to get hungry Bostonians to discover and ultimately try new cuisines through a food-photo-sharing app. I know, I know. Hindsight, it sounds a lot like Instagram dedicated to provocative food images. After years of pouring my life savings, time, & sweat, my project was ready to launch in September 2015 and right before it did, my mum had a medical emergency - sciatica - that rendered her unable to run her salon. I dropped everything & I ran her salon full-time for 9 months while juggling 2 part-time jobs.


On a breezy, evening in the halls of MIT, I met a gentleman and little did I know at the time that hour or so conversation would save my failing startup. It was there that I arrived with a little help from Steve Jobs that “a lot times, people don’t know what they want until you show them.” The light bulb turned on and I realized that most people don’t know what to eat until you recommend something to them - not just recommend anything, but something new, fresh, yet safe & not way off the deep end. I still had my doubts because that concept wasn’t appealing like an app.


Fast forward to today with over 100 orders [Special thanks to #DroidConBos 2017 & Spotify Boston’s Closing Party Sponsorship] & counting, The Savory Cater has become the caterers’ caterer that strives to deliver food adventures to the curious offices by partnering with local, specialty food vendors that focus on quality and on memorable service throughout the Greater Boston Area. Thank you, Boston, and here’s to many more adventures together!

June 13, 2017

Our Story

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